Synthetic Xmas

by King God

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If you're sick of the commercialization of Christmas, BUY THIS SONG and play it loud.


synthetic xmas, wrapped up in a bow
but when we open it up
its just a box full of junk
take this toy as a token
of my love
one day, the earth will be covered
in xmas toys
you could take a walk in a field,
find an old gameboy,
turn it on and play a game of tetris

christmas, oh no
i've got no money left
to buy your love this year,
my dear
christmas, oh no
see my credit card is maxed
i've got no cash to show you
i love you

the madness arisin'
and television advertising
fill our empty hearts
like shopping carts
take a xanax or two
for the road
its credit cards and traffic jams
honeyed hams and artificial yams
lets gather 'round the fire
and see if our skin gets tan


so this year for christmas
I vow to stay away
from shopping malls
and decking halls
of bows of a plant that will cut you
so instead i'm gonna make some time
for you and me and my family
and you don't have to bring a thing


released December 25, 2005
Written and performed by Mike Robinson (Aspera, Holland Boys, Human People, Sweatheart, Robai)



all rights reserved


King God Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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